Rashmi Ranganath

Media: Acrylic, Mixed Media
email: Rashmisubbu@gmail.com
phone: 405-402-9692

Life inspires me. Everyday experiences, emotions, happenings motivates me to braid a story and present it on canvas. My thoughts of life and life experiences flows intuitively on canvas, creating space for more. I use contemporary painting styles to create these paintings. Mixed media is my favorite, when it comes to intuitive creations. Mixed media gives freedom to use different materials and sky is the limit to create beautiful works.
When I create, it involves emotions. Processing thoughts, experiences, ideas, I write down the story in the form of a poem.

Searching and gathering pieces to make the whole, I found some parts, parts of the whole, or is this the whole? Whole of a part? There are many more to find, many more to gather. Search goes on for parts of the whole. Parts of my Whole.

Though there were spurts of creative cravings when we lived in Chicago (2003-2006), it was in the last five years that I picked up the brush and colors in Brisbane Australia and it not only made my canvases colorful but painted my life with colors of self-realization, and a sense of satisfaction.

Now I’m here again, Naperville, brings back some cherished memories, flowing in the form of colors on canvas. I give them direction to settle down and present them as paintings.

I have showcased my paintings in Solo and group shows in Bangalore and Hyderabad in India.
It gives me a sense of satisfaction and solace to volunteer and use my creativity for a good cause.

Art Workshop for underprivileged and Exhibition – Feb 2014 (Hyderabad, India)
In 2014, I conducted an art workshop in a school for underprivileged children and helped the children create canvases that were exhibited along with my works. We could raise funds for the benefit of the school and this was featured in the news channel and Newspaper ABN Andhra Jyoti.

Art Workshop for the terminally ill, in Bangalore Hospice Trust – Karunashraya and Exhibition
March 2016

In 2016 I conducted Art workshops in Karunashraya, Bangalore. Karunashraya Provides palliative care for advanced stage cancer patients. It was a very sensitive, joyful and overwhelming experience to work with the terminally ill. It was again proved that Art has no boundaries of Region, Religion, Gender, Age and even terminal sickness cannot stop anyone from feeling the joy of creativity.