Neil Pradzinski

Neil Pradzinski
Media: Pencil Drawing
email: neil_moon2001@yahoo.comI am a self taught artist working in the art of pencil drawing. I base everything on the principle that if someone else would have come up with the same idea, then I’m simply not interested. I only want ideas that stand apart from everyone else. It’s just a feeling I’ve always had and it seems to work for me. I only work in black and white. Where color can easily distract, black and white allows you to focus on the idea and see it for what it is. I like drawings that have a good deal of movement in them, taking you on a little trip. (Click here to see an example). Trees that look alive, shadows and objects that bend and light that hits just the perfect spot, creating a sense of wonder.

Most art is very static, it’s simply put on the page and it is exactly what you see. In my work, you will see a great deal of motion, this allows me to go beyond the static image and draw something of much greater interest. The viewer senses something new without even knowing it. The motion draws them into the work and holds them, however, the trick is not to overdo it. If you go too far you can cross the line into being a gimmick and you don’t want that. When done correctly, it never seems to fail.
My other focus I like to explore, if you look closely, is a strong emphasis on technique. It is a technique that I created by the use of the “squiggle”. I was simply tired of drawing by just shading and I told myself there has to be something else and so out of nowhere I just started drawing with a squiggle and my technique was born.
(Click here to see my very first squiggle drawing). It is a technique that has many great possibilities. Some drawings use a very precise squiggle, while others use a more random “let yourself go” approach. Both are equally effective and the viewer gets to appreciate them not only for what I’ve drawn, but how I’ve drawn them. Every artist has the chance to bring people to their work with their ideas, but they also bring them in by how they present those ideas. I hope to one day be known as the Master of the Squiggle. That is my artistic goal.

My notes on being an artist

​ Every day gives us a chance to dream up an idea that if we search hard enough could quite possibly change the world or at best change our own world. Ideas are easy, but great ideas take work, they must be carefully worked out. You may get an initial inspiration for an idea, but its what you do after the inspiration that can make or break it. So everyday I try to explore my mind to come up with new ideas. Something that will tell the world that I made something of this day. What show of soul are we gonna get today. I’ve always felt that everything I need is already in my head, I just have to discover it. I figured this out a long time ago and I believe it to be true.

​Getting ideas. I know I can do it. There is no limit. There is nothing stopping me. That is the answer I’ve found. Being an artist is the greatest thing one can ever hope to be. Its a chance to play God. Simple pictures I have no use for. I only try to make great ones. Once I wanted to be the greatest and I still do.