Mariusz Wartalowicz

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Media: Oil, Acrylic, Mixed, Photography
website: under development
email: mariuszwart@gmail.comMariusz Wartalowicz
Sport manager by profession, I am self-taught artist with painting and photography serving as an outlet for reflections about our individual personal places and unique experiences in the universe.

I engage in both mediums interchangeably to satisfy my interests in surrealistic imagery, abstraction, fantasy portraiture, and voyeurism.  The most satisfying moments are those of making art and, through it, shaping my perceptions of reality that I happen to be apart of, coincidentally yet only temporarily.

When painting, I primarily use oils and acrylics but most recent works incorporate limited palette of fabric paint and ready-made or found objects.  Recently, I have been exploring constructs of “bridges”, thresholds, gates, barriers, boundaries, and obstacles we encounter throughout our lives.  I am also fascinated by paradigm of paint’s plasticity and dimensions of space within 2-D domain.

My work comes from the inside out.  I proceed from an open-ended ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, associations, experiences, opinions, through mental visualizations and rough concepts or models, choices of physical means and attributes such as overall size, volume, proportions, to actual creations. I continuously expand my faces’ as well as abstract series.  The newest photographs are informed by “looking onto” the sublime and sensual enclosures of shops’ storefronts and displays.

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2014 Exhibits* April, Naperville Art League – Merit Award for mixed media “Step-by-Step”