Janet Pearson-Strack

NAL Artist’s Gallery – Janet Pearson-Strack

Media: Oil
website: http://www.janetpearson-strackartist.com
email: jpstrack@comcast.net
phone: 630-851-8582Janet Pearson-Strack – Oil Portrait PainterI paint and draw because it is a passion in my life.
People are the most fascinating part of our world. That is why I especially enjoy
portrait painting. Using paint or charcoal to form three dimensional shapes on a flat
surface never ceases to amaze me. I smile every time it happens.
My goal is for portraits to be life like and timeless.
As a retired nurse I now enjoy painting and have studied painting with two teachers.
My first teacher was Carol Cameron of South Holland, Illinois and currently with
Mohamed Drisi of Glenwood, Illinois.
I like to work from my own photographs but have used client photographs. My
photography is included in the price. Client photos must be adaptable to create a good
work of art.
Example fees are as follows:
Single portrait $2000. See Daniel
Double Portrait $2500. see Duane and Piper
Creative Portrait $3500. see Little Butterfly
Quick Study. $500. see Madison
Large paintings (over 30”x40”) are based on individual canvas.
If you are interested in having a oil portrait painting of yourself or someone you love,
contact me.