Ariana Poe

Ariana Poe
Media: Pencil, Acrylic and Watercolor

phone: 630-863-4195

Born in Buenos Aires and raised in South America by an adventurous mother and father from Barcelona and Seattle, Ari’s art was influenced at an early age by the colorful cultures of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil.  With a great desire to make a difference she took on the role of Project Manager for Overseas Missions and actively participated in programs ranging from laughter therapy in the children’s cancer and severe burn wards, to creating awareness and group activities for the blind, as well as coming up with innovative educational interactive platforms for young girls who had suffered abuse. This desire took her to San Diego to work for a non-profit which had been largely involved in Tsunami relief and rebuilding, to later do volunteer work in Puerto Rico for a year. She currently resides in Naperville working as a freelance writer and artist. Her vast travels and experiences have shaped her artistic expression, largely using art as a medium to create awareness. Preferred art mediums are acrylic, watercolor and pencil.